Client:  ArtocGroup
Project:  New Skoda 3S center  at Kattameya—Cairo, Egypt. 

The new 3S center of Skoda  is build on  16,000 sq.m. It is considered the biggest maintenance workshop and showroom owned by Skoda in the middle East with an estimated budget of about  L.E.100M
PMSP was hired by Artoc group to mange the execution of the new 3S center.
PMSP role is to provide all required planning tools and services in addition to provide all monitoring and controlling services during the execution stage and the site supervision and construction management services facilities as well.

Client:  HelconContracting company
Project:  Hyundai 3S center  at AmriaAlexandria

The new project consist of: Showroom, workshop and spare parts shop. The location is unique at Amria, Alexandria- Egypt.
The estimate budget set for this project is L.E.55 M
PMSP has been awarded by the contractor (Helcon) to provide all planning services that enable the contractor manage the execution stage on timely and budgetary manner

Client:   Helconcontracting Company
Project:Renault 3S center at Abu Rawash, Cairo—Egypt

Renault decided to renovate its facilities in Abu Rawashby adding new floors and rehabilitating the existing building. Helconfor Construction (the civil contractor) hired PMSP to provide all required planning services during the  execution stage . PMSP role is to prepare all necessary documents and tools that will enable Helconto smoothly execute the project. On timely and budgetary manner.