Client :KhaterGroup
Project: Project Management  in principal (3 days)

KhaterInternational is an affiliate of Olympic Group, operates in the sports constructions and supplies in which it became a leader in this business.

Since they are running their business projectizally, they decided to use PMSP experience to conduct a training program in order to spread out the Project Management concept within all staff at different levels.

The training session was held in Olympic building for three full days. 

Client :AMIDEAST : (Pepsi & Chipsy)
Project: Project Management  in principal (3 days) 

PMSP represented in its Managing director was invited from KSA as instructor for three days session in Project Management  prepared by Amideastto the senior level of Pepsi and Chipsycompanies.

The purpose is to prepare such senior staff to understand the Project Management basics and to apply such valuable concept within the organization and to promote the Project Management idea between the staff as the first step to reshape the company in apply PM concept within internal functional developing.