Charity Foundation

Charity Foundation

Client :Egypt Tomorrow Foundation
Project:  Human developing Training courses

Egypt Tomorrow is a civic foundation interesting in Human Development programs .
The foundation is targeting youth age on different social and educational levels.

PMSP is working with Egypt Tomorrow Foundation to develop its human development program and to prepare the needed courses and sessions till today.
PMSP had provided Egypt Tomorrow Foundation with the following courses:

                         a- Time management (2 days)
                         b– Business ethics (2 days)
                         c-  Human development (weekly basis for 3 months)

Client :General Union for Civic Foundations
Project:Project Management basics and personal skills programs 

The General Union for Civic Foundation is supported financially and technically by the European Union (EU).

The main purpose is to develop the civic foundation skills and capabilities to handle the civic projects regionally by providing different levels of training courses and rehabilitation programs during the year.

PMSP starts its activities with the GUCF with three training courses and still supporting them in order to meet their annual goal.

                    a-  PM in principal (3 days)
                    b– How to prepare feasibility study(3 days)
                    c– Improve your negotiation skills(3 days)