Client : AssalamInternational Hospital 
Project: As-Salam International Hospitalrenovation works

 As-Salam International Hospital, one of the leading hospital’s in Cairo with foreign management, assigned PMSP to manage the renovation works of its eleventh floor hospital building and to coordinate between its contractors and consultant in order to finalize the project in exactly twenty months whilst having minimum influences and impact on the day-to-day operation tasks and according to the detailed time schedule, budget, and project standard operating procedures which had been preparedby PMSP atthe least possible risk or threats. The renovation project’s value is about L.E. 160M.

Client : El-SafaContracting Company
Project: Renovation works of El Thaghr Hospital - Jeddah

El Thaghr Hospital is a distinguish Governmental hospital at Jeddah.
The renovation project’s value is about S.R. 60M.
PMSP role was to manage the contractor activities and prepare all project management tools that enables the contractor to execute and finish with the project on timely and budget manner